Hockey Time Design Crew Socks

GiftCraft/ Yo Sock


  • Navy blue sock and heel.
  • Red cuff and toe areas.
  • Yo Sox provides quality.
  • Reinforced deep pocket heel and toe areas for maximum durability.
  • Compact Cotton and anti-microbial.
  • Fits Men’s shoe sizes 7 – 12.

Product Description:

Men's Crew Sock with Hockey Time Design. Navy blue sock & heel, red cuff, and toe. Compact Cotton and anti-microbial. Reinforced deep pocket heel and toe.Yo Sox goes beyond cool socks with funky designs, we make sure every pair fits your feet no matter what your size and our compact tightly wound cotton keeps them fitting that way. Our reinforced heels and toes keep them looking good wash after wash and our breathable antimicrobial fabric keep your feet fresh all day and night.

Type: Men's socks

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