Looping 3 Junior Sunglasses

Julbo Inc



  • Suitable for children aged 12-24 months
  • Hingeless design that prevents hair getting caught, as well as being symmetrical so they won't be put on upside down!
  • Soft frame makes them extra comfy to wear
  • Offer 100% protection from UV rays to your child.
  • Spectrum 4 lenses
  • Polycarbonate lens
  • Category 4
  • 95% visible light protection
  • Anti-reflective & flash treatment



Product description:

Julbo Looping 2 Sunglasses are designed for babies 12-24 months old. The Julbo Looping 2 is a kid-friendly pair of Julbo sunglasses! These kids frames have a symmetrical shape that doesn't have a right-side-up or wrong-side-up, so it doesn't matter how your kids put them on - any way is the right way!. The hingeless design of these children's glasses prevents caught hair or pinched fingers. Julbo designed these kids sun glasses with a soft frame that won't scratch or hurt your baby's sensitive skin. The flexible and reversible frame of these baby sunglasses is specifically adapted to the shape and size of childrens' faces. Spectron 4 lenses let this Julbo eyewear give protection from UV rays and 95% of visible light.

Type: Glasses