Release Board mini



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RELEASE BOARD by Colisco includes everything needed to paint ideas, practice brush strokes, or just have fun creating.  A paintbrush, water reservoir, drip pad, and painting surface are all that is needed to unleash creativity.

  • Get it down, then let it go.  Dip the brush in water and express yourself. The applied water will look like black ink with a contrast to the grey surface, creating a striking image. The image created with water will evaporate in minutes, ready for a new creation!
  • Easy to use!  Just add water to the tray, dip your brush into the water, paint on the surface, watch your art come to life then watch it slowly disappear.  The rate of dissipation depends on humidity levels, but usually dries and disappears in a few minutes.
  • Includes Release Board, Brush, Water tray/stand & drip pad.
  • Caring for your Release Board is simple.  Requires no ink, paint, or markers.  Just add clean water.  Cleaning products are not necessary.
  • Environmentally friendly.  Use over and over.  Need another ‘blank slate’?  Don’t waste expensive art paper, just wait a few moments and start anew! No fumes, inks, lead, or dyes.  Lasts for thousands of paintings.  With proper care, it will last for years.
  • Gift the Release Board to children and adults of all ages.  A useful tool for aspiring or experienced artists alike. 
  • Sleek, minimalist design looks great on a fireplace mantel, desk, or kitchen table.
  • Leave it out for guests to gravitate towards.  Watch what they create and ask why they painted it for a conversation starter.
  • Used in classrooms, waiting for areas, lounges, and homes.  Place one wherever creativity, learning, or a healthy distraction is needed.
  • The RELEASE BOARD provides the user with a means of expression, reducing stress, enhancing creativity & discussion.
  • The provided drip pad can be placed under the tray for the protection of surfaces from any possible water dripping or spillage. 
  • The RELEASE BOARD requires no electricity, batteries, or buttons.  It can provide an alternative to digital technology, challenge creative minds, reduce stress & provide joy & fun to those who use it.

Type: Art