Soundtouch Heatwave Glove Liner

Seirus Innovation


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  • SoundTouch touch control gloves so you don't have to take them off
  • Exclusive Heatwave fabric
  • Cut and sewn, form fitting construction
  • 4-way stretch
  • Wear as liner, or lightweight glove

Product Description:

The exclusive Serius Heatwave now in a SoundTouch Glove Liner allowing you touch control of your electronic devices without having to take your gloves off. Serius's exclusive Silver Lining™ fabric increases your body heat through a dual stage system that both reflects and amplifies heat. The kinetic stage converts your hand's energy into increased heat, while the reflective properties radiates that heat back for more warmth. Breathable, so moisture doesn't build up in your glove these useful liners give you protection from the cold air when you pull your hands out to fiddle with your boots, zip up a parka, or snap a selfie. Cut and sewn for a form fitting construction these will add warmth to your mittens or gloves without additional bulk, sliding easily into your ski gloves and winter mittens without limiting dexterity or binding. Simply using these to keep your hands from being exposed to icy air will go a long way to making winter more enjoyable, but the proprietary technology in this fabric actually does add warmth to your hands, and a boost to your winter gloves. They're small, packable, and light enough on your hands so you'll barely notice you have them on. They are a tiny little addition to your winter wardrobe with a mighty impact. Stay warm out there!

Type: Gloves

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