Mexican Coke Glass Bottles



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  • 24 bottles of coca-cola original taste—the refreshing, crisp taste you know and love.
  • Great taste since 1886.
  • 34 mg of caffeine in each 12 oz serving.
  • 12 fl oz in each can.
  • Made with cane sugar.

Product Description:

Soda. Pop. Soft drink. Sparkling beverage.

Whatever you call it, nothing compares to the refreshing, crisp taste of Coca-Cola Original Taste, the delicious soda you know and love. Enjoy with friends, on the go or with a meal. Whatever the occasion, wherever you are, Coca-Cola Original Taste makes life’s special moments a little bit better.

Every sip, every “ahhh,” every smile—find that feeling with Coca-Cola Original Taste. Best enjoyed ice-cold for maximum refreshment. Grab a Coca-Cola Original Taste, take a sip and find your “ahhh” moment.

Enjoy Coca-Cola Original Taste.

Type: Drinks