Aerolite Sunglasses

Julbo Inc


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  • Panoramic Wide lens for a wide field of vision
  • Base 6
  • Full venting structure that allows full air circulation to prevent condensation
  • Grip Tech Flexible on the glasses legs for maximum grip and comfort
  • Light but still offers good shock resistance, is multifunctional and suitable for all types of activities
  • Asian Fit: the ergonomics of the frame are adapted for Asian face shapes


Product Description:

Specially designed for women and athletes with a small face. The Aerolite is directly derived from the Aero, the favorite glasses of trail runners. These glasses stay in place for a while, and ventilate just as well with the frameless screen that makes the glasses even lighter and gives an enormous feeling of freedom. With its photochromic window, the Aerolite is ideally suited to go that extra mile in all circumstances.


Category: Accessories

Type: Sunglasses